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Patients are more likely to Trust Messaging and Advice that comes from their Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers and patients want similar but different results. While healthcare providers strive for patient activation, and solutions, patients want trusted information with communication that meets their lifestyle. TeleVox Pharmaceutical provides the right solution through administering their program, PatientPlus.

Engaged and activated patients are the most powerful resource in healthcare….

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Results You Can Trust

1. Modality

The patient activation/compliance campaign uses reminder cards, SMS, Live Connect Call, and email, with hybrid multi-touch as the most effective approach.

Effective Reach

2. Messaging

Messaging focuses on health condition awareness and prevention or treatment importance, not promoting a specific product.

Trusted and Appropriate

3. Results

Highly effective, drives patient action, increases visits, prescriptions, and improves compliance.

Patient Satisfaction

Hybrid Multi-Touch

TeleVox Pharmaceuticals developed the PatientPlus program with a multi-touch approach. This gives the physician a unique approach to communicating with patients.

Select the right combination for the right patients with endless possibilities…

Hybrid touch solutions

reminder cards

Reminder cards





live connect

live connect

Cadence of your choice

reminder card

Reminder Card to Patient

1st Outreach

Text to Patient

2nd Outreach
mail to patient

Email to Patient

3rd Outreach (Optional)

Your PatientPlus Results

Which Methods Work?

Patient Response Rates to Provider Communications

  • Reminder Card + Digital (Hybrid)40.2%
  • Digital Only (SMS)31.7%
  • Reminder Card Only27.3%

“Patients who are engaged and activated are not just recipients of care, but active participants in their own journey towards wellness.”

Reasons Why to Trust TeleVox


Institutional healthcare customers, Market share leader in patient engagement


Two-way digital
patient interactions
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patients in the
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Benefits of PatientPlus

Powerful Platform
Virtuous "Cycle of Efficiency"
Trusted Interactions
Delighted Patients
Customized Program
Unique Offering

Why PatientPlus is the right choice for you!

HP Communication

Enhancing Patient and HCP Communications with An Omnichannel Approach

“The Wellness reminder card program allowed us to bring in significantly more patients than we normally have seen this time of the year.”

Marketing Executive, Healthcare Provider

“The TeleVox team is very professional in support of our clinic!”

Office Provider

“This resource helped me position myself as a partner and a strong resource to the customer.”

Sales Representative

“This program allowed me to improve protocols and establish a stronger platform in my account.”

Sales Representative

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